8 Sci-Fi Technologies We Should Never Ever Build

Machines with Artificial Intelligence
We humans likes to play God, that’s just how we are wired. In the pursuit to understand the nature of consciousness (and soul as well) we are making attempts to replicate the human mind inside a machine. The idea is as fascinating as it is horrifying because the machine won’t have all those things that make us vulnerable, adequate, emotional and, well, human. The new idea is to not just create a cold-blooded machine, but to make it as human as possible with the ability to love, feel and experience the duality of its own being, however painful it may be. While it’s all cool in theory, the reality might end up looking much scarier than the idealistic dream of recreating human consciousness inside a machine. Many movies and TV shows have explored the numerous things that could go wrong along the way – starting from classics like Blade Runner and ending with the latest show West World which has taken the whole idea to an entirely new level. And if we did succeed in creating a ‘living and breathing’ thinking machine that surpassed any human being in terms of strength and intellect, wouldn’t it want to live its own life without any supervision? We’ll end up living in the world of Asimov, for better or for worse.